How We Can Help?

A website is essential for any business to be credible. However, we understand that not all businesses have the same budget. A quality website with a few pages is better than one that has many pages. This site can be expanded as your business and budget allow. WordPress allows you to easily edit and extend your website using inexpensive, readily available tools.

WordPress has built-in editing and administration features that allow you to add, modify and delete content from any page. When you want to add pages to your site, you can also create them and modify or delete them.

Our basic package allows you to add up to 5 pages. A site may have Home, About and Products/Services offered pages. Portfolio/ Testimonials or Contact us pages might also be included.

The price for £500 + VAT includes:

The cost of a template is up to £35 + VAT, or $50, whichever is greater

The chosen template is used to build the site

Basic SEO (search engine optimization)

Hosting the site for the first 12 months (£120 + VAT per annum). thereafter)

Registration of a email address

Provision of up to 10 email addresses

You can request any additional services, e.g. You can request keyword research for Google ranking, training or registration of a .com address. These extras will cost separately.