About Us

Web Design is a part of¬†Clarihon Web Services. Clarihon Web Services has been around since 2003. They have a reputation as a provider of quality websites that are bespoke. Web Design is dedicated to providing high quality, affordable websites using WordPress. We also offer premium templates that are ‘off-the-shelf’.

Clarihon offers bespoke web design at a cost starting at £500. Web Design is focused on simple web sites that still offer the same functionality as our more expensive websites.

There are two main differences: the size of the website and the limitations in layout and design depending on which template was chosen. While we still aim to offer a high-quality service and site, there will be some limitations.

Web Design is run by Nigel Day and Pam Day, a husband-and-wife team. Nigel started his career in computing over ten years ago. He worked for many blue-chip companies before starting a web design company in the Reading area. Then, he moved to in 2006.

Prior to moving to Cornwall, Pam worked in Slough at Mars as an information scientist. She had also used computers extensively to manage data and business processes. Nigel manages Clarihon, and all associated services while Pam manages Web Design.

We can assist you in many other ways to make your business online more efficient. For more information, please contact us.